A woman escaped death by the whiskers in Lagos yesterday, as she was beaten black and blue and stripped naked for being in possession of four kids, which a mob alleged were stolen.

The woman was about being lynched by the mob when police detectives attached to Layeni Police Station, at Ajeromi/ Ifelodun Local Government Area swiftly moved to the scene and rescued her and the children.

One of the kids was also injured in the face and his clothes were soaked in blood. The woman was said to have been sighted at Suru Alaba Market Bus Stop with the kids below the age of five. Daily Sun gathered that people who saw them suspected that since the children were almost of the same age bracket the woman could not be their mother.

Upon interrogation by the curious mob, the woman allegedly claimed that she was the mother of two of the kids while the other two were her sister’s. An eyewitness who identified himself simply as Azeez said the irate crowd were not convinced, as some accused her of attempting to use the children for rituals. Some alleged she stole the children from different people at the market. He said the woman received the beating of her life and women even joined the male folk to strip her naked.

They tore her trousers, blouse and bra to shred. He said if not for the quick intervention of the police the woman would have been lynched. At the police station, the suspect called a woman who identified herself as her mother.

Immediately the elderly woman arrived at the station with a baby and sighted the kid who was injured, she sprawled on the floor and wept. A police source at the station disclosed that the woman claimed to be the mother of the stripped woman.

According to the elderly woman, one of her daughters delivered two of the kids out of wedlock before she got married and left them in her care. She added that another of her daughters delivered the remaining two, adding that the father of the kids had travelled to Angola, while the woman who was attacked had the baby she brought to the station. She explained that she lived at Ezeagu Street, Ajegunle while her daughter who was attacked resided at Coker.

The granny said she went to her daughter’s home to take care of her newborn baby according to the Ibo tradition. The granny also said she sent her daughter to bring the children from her home at Ezeagu Street to her, adding that the mob action was unfortunate.

The police source said detctives had been sent to the granny’s home to ascertain if those children were living there with her. When Daily Sun visited the station yesterday afternoon, a large crowd besieged Ojo Road, Ajegunle to catch a glimpse of the attacked woman and the kids. Police had to stop them from gaining access to the station.

Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozichukwu Braide, while confirming the report, said the woman and the four children were rescued and moved to the station. Braide said the police were still investigating the matter to ascertain the truth


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