Dare-devil  gunmen suspected to be kidnappers this morning in Benin struck at the home of a Nigerian businessman and industrialist, Juande Iyamu, killing his driver and abducted two of his children in the process.

The driver whose name could not be ascertained as at the time of filing this report, was said to be driving the abducted children to  school when the gunmen struck.

The incident occurred close to the businessman’s house located at Iguose, behind 7UP Bottling plant between 7.30 and 8 .00 am in the ancient Benin City, capital of Nigeria’s Edo state.

Residents of the area who rushed out of their houses to see what was happening had to dash back upon sighting the kidnappers with their guns still smoking. They however rushed to the scene after the kidnappers had left  to  assist the shot driver, but it was too late as he was already dead.

Some of the residents said the driver  apparently argued with the kidnappers, which might have prompted them shooting him at close range.

Mr. Iyamu, the Benin-based industrialist, is popularly known as Yawe Water.  He was visibly shocked after the incident.

He bemoaned  the porous security system in the Nigeria.

Edo state Police image maker, Anthony Airhuoyo said he was yet to be briefed by the Ekiadolor police station DPO on the incident



  • concern edo indigene

    when will this end, Edo state indigenes will not be visiting home or investing in that state if security is not put in place to ensure people’s safety. what kind of country or state will kidnappers be on the phone for over 10 minutes and not be traced-only in Nigeria. it’s about time the federal goverment and all state governors as well as traditional rules step up to the plate and set up security for it’s people against this hoodlums. Enough is enough because the ark of God is about to descend on them all. For kidnapping those innocent children and killing the driver, the blood will seek them out and the ark of God will destroy them-mark my words. everyone reading this each one tell the other- that the fire of God is starting to burn the robbers/kidnappers that killed the innocent driver on Monday morning. they will not find rest. the money will cause them to expose each other before long.

    • Its indeed unfortunate that these things are happening. Its however not pertinent to Edo state. Our politicians are not helping matters because they are the ones sponsoring these kidnappers for their selfish political ambitions. In the South East where I come from it has turned a lucrative business. May God help us all

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