John Terry has been banned for four games by  the FA and fined £220,000 for being found guilty of ‘misconduct’ in relation to  the Anton Ferdinand race row case.

The Chelsea defender has 14 days to appeal  which means he will be available for his side’s game at Arsenal on Saturday.

Terry will wait to receive the written  decision and consider the reasons for it before deciding whether to launch an  appeal.

He was ‘disappointed that the FA Regulatory  Commission has reached a different conclusion to the clear not guilty verdict of  a court of law.’

Terry’s defence team had accused the FA of  unfair treatment of their client during his time as England  captain.

They claim he was treated more  harshly than  Steven Gerrard, Andy Carroll and Wayne Rooney when they  were embroiled in  controversy.

But Terry’s legal team, led by George  Carter-Stephenson QC, asked former  England manager Fabio Capello and his  assistant Franco Baldini to  provide written statements explaining how they  handled players who were  the subject of criminal proceedings or salacious  headlines.

Capello resigned in the belief that  it was  wrong Terry should have been sacked as captain in February this  year, arguing  he should have been presumed innocent until proven guilty.

That, Capello explained to Terry’s defence  lawyers, was a policy he applied  to everyone during his time as national team  manager.

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez was  banned for  eight matches for racially abusing Manchester United’s  Patrice Evra a year ago,  but was found to have done so on a number of  occasions during the  match.

Terry is accused of a single utterance  towards Ferdinand, which had led to  some speculation that if found guilty the  Chelsea player would be more  likely to receive a four-match ban.

In Suarez’s case, the FA argued for an  increased sanction ‘to ensure that it is widely understood that the FA  deprecates and will not accept racist behaviour. In other words, a deterrent  sanction is called for’.

The FA also pointed out that ‘Mr Suarez is an  international footballer of exceptional ability, playing for one of the  best-known clubs in the world. His position carries with it a particular degree  of responsibility. His conduct amounts to a serious breach of that  responsibility’.

Both of those criteria apply to Terry –  particularly given that he was England captain at the time of the  incident.

Cleared: Terry faced a court case earlier this summer regarding the same incidentCleared: Terry faced a court case earlier this summer  regarding the same incident

Terry was found not guilty in a magistrates’  court in July of a racially-motivated public order offence with the prosecution  unable to prove he had called Ferdinand a ‘f****** black c***’ as an  insult.

He admitted using the words, but insisted he  had only been repeating words he thought Ferdinand had accused him of  saying.

Terry’s legal team had argued the FA’s own  rules dictated his acquittal in court meant the case could not proceed, but the  national governing body believed their charge was distinct from the court  charge.


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