A few weeks back, Keri Hilson hinted via social site twitter that she would be performing in Abuja in November in her tweet- “Back to Nigeria in November I’ve done Lagos, I’ve done Calabar, & I’m Ambassador of the Cross River States,Performing Abuja this time!” As at then it wasnt clear when or where she’d be performing, but we can reliably inform you that Miss Hilson who is expected in Nigeria on the 31st of October, will be performing at the International Conference Centre, Abuja on November 2nd for  FACE OF SOFA 2012; a world class event featuring, pageantry, fashion and musical performances from A-list Artistes and aims to find a unique and dynamic lady to represent the Sofa brand as an ambassador. This individual would drive charity events and community driven projects by the Sofa brand. The event which is sponsored by Sofa Leather Lounge, is a Furniture, Lounge/Night Club, Restaurant and Event Management outfit.


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