Strange things are happening these days in Nigeria especially in the nation’s seat of power Abuja, where everybody wants to live “big” . A times people are willing to do just whatever it takes to play in the “big league” regardless of whatever consequences that follow thereafter.

This story is about the demise of a University of Abuja student, Sonia Okeke who reportedly died in mysterious circumstances. The very pretty Sonia who hails from the Anambra State capital, Awka was known to have “connections” with the highly influential people in the political arena in the Federal Capital Territory.

However, trouble started shortly after Sonia bought a state of the art automobile said to be worth about N8 million. Days later, people started noticing she was no longer her usual lively self and was losing weight drastically by the day. Some friends advised her to seek medical attention or visit a man of God for prayers and healing, but she refused saying she was fine and only needed some rest.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for her to rest or consider any of the pieces of advise friends gave her as things got out of hand on one fateful night. She woke up and was coughing badly, vomiting blood at the same time. She was rushed to the hospital by neighbors but it was too late for the doctors to do anything to revive her, having waited that long before seeking medical attention, as she died there in the hospital.

Investigations are however ongoing by the Police to unravel the mysterious circumstances that led to Sonia’s death, by requesting that her friends come forward with names of her boy or men friends to help them with the investigations.

Sonia was known to be philanthropic as she was said to be sponsoring a couple of ladies through school. May her soul rest in peace



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