Chiadikobi’s father is a Senior Manager at the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (PPMC), a subsidiary of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). He can afford to buy any type of telephone hand set or laptop for any of his four sons. But this morning when Onyema Biringa , who is based in Port Harcourt, capital of Rivers State in South-South Nigeria, woke up, it was to prepare for the burial of his first son, Chiadikobi, who was lynched on Friday October 5th by a mob for allegedly stealing hand sets and laptops.

The bereaved father, who alongside his family members are still reeling from shock. He is seeking divine intervention over the cruel fate that has befallen his beloved son. “I have handed over the murderers to God,” he told a relative last night.

News Express reports that Chiadikobi and three other students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) believed to be his friends were forcibly seized by a mob at Allu, an off campus suburb where they lived, paraded naked, mercilessly beaten to death despite passionate pleas, had their necks bedecked with used tyres preparatory to being set ablaze.

The only body identified was Chiadikobi’s body. He has been taken to his hometown, Umungwa, Obowo, in neighbouring Imo State, for burial today.

Outrage has greeted his murder and that of the other victims of the jungle justice. Writing on Facebook, one of his relatives, Okonkwo Queen, said: My eyes are filled with tears. My dear brother may your soul rest in peace.”

Source: News Express



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  • Am sorry but those guys have left many hopeless, sleepless and dead. If u ask any uniport student, you will get a better view of what the villagers and the inhabitants of that area pass through on daily basis. Hostels are robbed and raped on mon, tues and wed (3 consecutives days of the same week)… and many more stories. The residents dont sleep with light at night. What they stole is not the question, but remember if they had seen N100 million during the operation, i dont think they would have left it for the fones and laptops.

    Eyewitnesses said that a girl at the scene revealed that one of them raped her by 4am that same morning.

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