SaharaReporters has obtained the exclusive list of students murdered by unidentified gunmen at the Federal Polytechnic in Mubi on Oct. 1st 2012.
So far security agencies have refused to provide the real identities of the slain students but in obtaining the list we also discovered that certain names were generic in nature, for example the person named “Chimobi Ibo” is actually Mbaegbu Chimaobi Vanitius. The following are the names and the methods adopted by the gunmen to attack students after calling out their names.
1. Sabastine Bulus – Shot to death
2. Ishaku Joshu’a – Shot to death
3. James Joshu’a – Burnt to death
4. Lucky Emmanuel – Shot to death
5. Irimiya Yohanna – Shot to death
6. Adamu Dakkawa – Shot to death
7. Ben Jalingo – Shot, survived
8. Yunana Idirisu – Shot to death
9. Amsel Idirisu – Shot, survived
10. Dominic Yakubu – Shot, survived
11. Elkana Sardauna – Shot and cut, survived
12. Mohammed – Shot and cut to death
13. Bitrus Illah – Shot to death
14. Emmanuel Imo – Shot to death
15. Ahmed Maigiraya – Shot to death
16. Manasah – Shot, survived
17. Nimfas – Shot to death
18. Chimobi Ibo – Shot to death
19. Alassan Zamba Ghaji – Shot to death
20. Zamdayu Shuwa – Shot to death
21. Gajare Matakam – Shot to death
22. Christopher Gesme – Shot to death
23. Ahmadu Furfina – Shot to death
24. Eze Tigani – Shot to death
25. Yusufu Suleiman – Shot to death 
26. Mohammdu Suleman – Shot to death
27. Aliyu – Shot to death
28. Ishaku Ibrahim Zambuk – Shot to death
29. Adamu Markus – Shot, survived
30. Umaru Suleman – Shot to death
31. Ezekiel Atchindal – Shot to death
32. Ayo – Shot to death
33. Umaru Shalilu – Shot to death

Source: SaharaReporters



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