Wife of Brigadier General Oluwole Rotimi, a former governor of Western Nigeria during the military rule, Titi Rotimi was kidnapped Monday evening by unknown gunmen in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, South West Nigeria.

According to reports, Titi was kidnapped around 6:30 pm on Monday in front of her company, AOK Logistics Limited, located on Old Ife Road in Ibadan. She was said to have been abducted by four armed men while she was leaving her office at the close of work in her black Mercedes Benz car.
According to reports, two security men attached to her company removed the barricade on the gate for her car to drive out of the office complex and In the process, two armed men approached and ordered the driver to stop the car at gun point. A green Nissan Primera suddenly reversed and blocked her car while she was ordered to get into the Nissan car. According to the Police, no ransom demand has been made yet.

Barely 48hrs ago, Professor Kamene Okonjo, the 82 year old mother of Nigeria’s Finance minister, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was kidnapped by unknown gunmen in Delta state. The kidnappers are said to have demanded a ransom fee of 100 million naira for the Octogenarian’s release.



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