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A massive explosion and fire hit an area of Apapa Seaport Wednesday afternoon, rocking the sprawling facility and shaking buildings in the area. The fire reportedly emanated from an oil vessel owned by MRS Petroleum when fuel was being unloaded at a jetty.
According to an official of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), a fuel tanker caught fire after exploding at the Tin Can Island port in Apapa area of Lagos.
“There was a ship that was trying to discharge into an oil tank owned by (Nigerian firm) MRS and there was a fire, but I don’t yet have any details as to what led to the fire,” said Ibrahim Farinloye of the National Emergency Management Agency.
According to the NEMA official, four people were wounded and that the explosion appeared to come from a ship.
The Apapa Seaport at Tin Can Island includes jetties where fuel importers unload petroleum products.
There has been series of fire incidents in recent weeks in the country. A few weeks ago, Dec. 26, 2012 to be precise, a massive explosion ripped through a warehouse full of fireworks in a crowded neighborhood in Lagos Island, killing one person and injuring at least 15.


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