chuks and ene of tinsel
The duo of Ene and Chuks who play husband and wife on the popular award winning soap opera, TINSEL, showing on DSTV’s Africa Magic, have taken their ‘couple’ role to real life as they are now an item both on and off air. Ene and Chuks (real names-Iyke Okechukwu and Florence Uwaleke) who were said to have bonded while working long hours on set, traditionally got married on Friday 25th January 2013 which was also Ene’s birthday.
chuks and ene on set of tinsel

This follows such celebrity marriages that brewed from set as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Saidi and Fathia Balogun, Olu and Joke Jacobs and the likes.

When next you watch Tinsel, please take a closer look at Chuks and his wife Ene . You’d surely notice something; something special……
chuks and Ene

We wish them the best.


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