linda ikeji poses with new ifiniti
The C.Ronaldo…errr No..the Messi of blogging in Nigeria, controversial but highly inspirational Linda Ikeji just acquired an N8 Million 2011 Infiniti FX 35-the premium package, and has decided to show it off. off! Where else? On her blog of course! No be bad thing if she show off her own, after all she’s always showing off other people’s own. (She’s yet to show mine sha o). Before now Linda drives a 2008 Toyota camry.
linda ikeji poses with her cars
In her words…“Posing with my two rides, the 2011 Infiniti FX 35 and my 2008 Toyota Camry.
#Biggirlsthinz Hehe!
“I put this up for two reasons :
1. To show off of course…why else? Lol
And 2, to encourage other ladies out there to keep working hard and keep believing in themselves. You don’t need any aristo to give you anything…any woman with will and drive can can give herself anything she wants!

I love this babe sha o. u nko?


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