Stephanie Oduenyi, CEO Makani Couture

Stephanie Oduenyi, CEO Makani Couture

It is a general principle that “All things are created twice”, first in the mind and then in the physical. In Stephanie’s mind, she had created her own fashion enterprise even before she entered the University. Her only challenge was how to make it reality. With the kind of father she has- “The Onosolueze”, traditional Prime Minister of Awkuzu in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, she knew she had to present a University degree to her parents if ever her dream is to be replicated in reality.
She attended Madonna University Okija where she graduated in 2008 with a degree in Microbiology, and during her service in 2009, she set up her own blog ( )- an avenue for her to communicate everything she knew about fashion, celebrity gossip and general entertainment. It didnt take long before traffic hit her site; sooner than she had expected, but her dream of owning a fashion boutique never evaporated.
Then ideas started swinging in. She thought, “Why do i have to own a boutique and sample other peoples designs when i can actually make my own designs? ” That gave birth to Makani Couture
Makani Couture is a Plus-size fashion outfit, primed with designing contemporary apparel styles that flatter the curves of plus-sized individuals. It seeks to redefine what is considered attractive and fashionable in the fashion industry especially for the Big, Bold and Beautiful, hoping to create a plus-size modelling runway in the nearest future. Makani couture makes unique dresses, jump suits, ankara hand bags and clutch bags, ankara shoes and slippers and so many other accessories.
makani couture makani couture ankara bags(1) makani couture
“I am plus-size. I know the issues involved in trying to be trendy and staying fashionable, I know the challenge in buying clothes that fit and clothes that are cute enough to draw attention. We have seen much of super skinny models grace the run-way, so i want to start seeing plus size run-way models go international too. I am not preaching obesity; I still say, if you are big, eat lightly, exercise well and stay healthy, but in a situation where you can’t do away with the fat, what do you do? Obviously everyone can’t be slim, so that is why i have decided to carve out a niche for the plus size with designs that would make them look confident, yet beautiful”, explains Stephanie.
Stephanie Oduenyi

Stephanie Oduenyi

Makani Couture has participated in a lot of mini-fashion exhibitions in Lagos but most prominently was the Anambra Fashion Week held in December 2012, at Marble Ark Hotel Awka, that saw Makani win the best designer of the day.
makani couture makani couture makani couture makani makani makani
“I am working on my fashion and entertainment magazine. I have had a couple of interviews with lots of big players in the fashion industry in the past, but i kinda put it on hold, cos i am saddled with a lot of projects now. I won’t give out further information for now, but be rest assured that it is something every fashion lover out there would be happy about…”
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Stephanie Oduenyi



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