big brother africa 2013 the chase
It is not official yet, but Oversabi Republic can reliably inform you that Nollywood most controversial diva in the last 6 months, Tonto Dikeh is in South Africa now with the rest of the other housemates doing their photo shoot for Africa’s biggest reality tv show, The Big Brother. She is Nigeria’s representative in this year’s Big Brother Africa reality tv show termed The Chase
tonto dikeh
The show which is set to hit the screens officially on Sunday May 26, 2013, will have a total of 28 housemates from 14 countries, chasing after the US$300 000 cash prize and all the other perks that comes with winning the biggest reality show in Africa.

IK Osakioduwa returns once again in 2013 as the Season 8 host. Stay tuned to Oversabi Republic as we bring you the full list of contestants.



  • What is good about that ashawoo bitch?? Wait! Who’s she going to represent?? 9ijah?? Nooo, if so then I’m afriad 9ijah is doomed once more bcus she’s bringin only but disgrace instead of glory nd victory…honestly what is this BBA turnin into?? Why can’t the organizers allow the common people, I mean ordinary but not celebrities to go into the house nd do things they’re required to. Why take celebrities to the house?? Even if they should be there not some1 like tonto dike. I bit U guys this is the begining of the end to our BBA victory era!!! Nonsense!!!!!

  • Tonto I strongly belive u gona make it but try n behave urself why in house*****1 luv I go wit u….

  • Big brother africa is bk 4 real

  • Tonto we love u!we a behind u!pliz behave don’t fight I know u are going wih this money home!love u gal.

  • freda appiah dankwah

    Ur mama be ashawo u monkey of an animal. If she be ur sis u go like am. Think about how u go put food for ur mama hin table and stop back bitting someone who is doing well for herself whether good or bad stop judgeing people u don’t know. I am a Ghanaian but I luv her. Good or bad I don’t care. She is the best

  • Don’t mind the useless fool… all ur generations be ashawo…..stay there dey kill urself over person wey dey make her family and naija proud!..Alika!!!!tonto is a sharp babe and I’m sure she will represent naija well as she always does…..Foooooool……..dats why some people don’t progress …..cos of their bad belle towards others…..Monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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