Sir Emeka Offor with notable personalities at the Rotary convention Lisbon, Portugal 2013

Sir Emeka Offor with notable personalities at the Rotary convention in Lisbon, Portugal 2013

Nigeria billionaire business mogul and philanthropist and founder of the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation (SEOF), Sir Emeka Offor, whose contributions to the Rotary Foundation aimed at eradicating Polio in Nigeria and Africa in general have been recognized at the highest level of the organization’s hierarchy, as he is being honored at the on-going Rotary Convention taking place in Lisbon, Portugal.  Sir Emeka Offor is being honored with a special recognition during the Arch C. Klumph Society(AKS) dinner as the highest donor to the foundation from Africa. AKS is the highest attainable level at the Rotary International where one needs to have donated a minimum of $250,000 USD to become a member. He has donated over $1 million before the convention.

Sir Emeka Offor during his speech at the convention announced an additional $1million USD donation for the final battle against Polio eradication in Africa. In a full text of his speech… “I come  from a humble beginning but today i have ties all over the world. I have the ability to help others escape the poverty and deprivation that i experienced; this goal drives me each and everyday. A defining moment for me was when i received confirmation from Rotary that my initial $250, 000 contribution to Polio Plus would be used immediately in the campaign to eradicate this terrible disease. In Nigeria many of us have lost friends to Polio, but Polio should have no place in our world anymore. Ladies and Gentlemen, therefore, today I’m giving an additional donation of $ I million USD. It is my deepest hope that my financial contribution and work with Rotary leadership in Nigeria will inspire all Nigerians to work together to bring about the final permanent and irreversible eradication of Polio. Together we can make this happen and we will do so. Thank you and God bless you.”

Sir Offor also featured in a special interview where he talked about the importance of phlanthropy. Watch below


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