AIT Chairman and known supporter of IBB, High Chief Dr Raymond Aleogho Dokpesi is said to have sacked two senior editorial staff, Gbenga Aruleba and Imoni Amarere over the interview of Mr.Richard Akinnola,frontline social critic and human rights activist with Aruleba on AIT two days ago on the acquittal of Major Hamza Al Mustapha where Mr.Akinnola strongly condemned the ‘miscarriage of justice’ of the judgment as a political judgment to pacify the North ahead of 2015 general elections. According to sources, Chief Dokpesi threw caution to the wind as he stormed the studio even when the bulletin was still on and stopped the bulletin after which he lambasted Aruleba over this controversial interview which he said was in bad taste.Sadly,Dokpesi followed this up yesterday evening by sacking Aruleba and Amarere, both are well-trained,talented and experienced broadcasters, went ahead and announced their sack in the 8pm news bulletin of last night.

This is really strange considering what these journalists have been through over the last few years where in several occasions they received death threats from politicians who are left aggrieved over the way they deal with issues without fear or favor. It is only a matter of time before we know whose political toes Gbenga and Imoni have stepped on. Is Dr Dokpesi trying hard to “plaster” some bruised ego…….?


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