Ahead of Jeezy’s album “Pressure” which drops on the 15th of December, 2017, the rapper dropped by for an interview on the “Everyday Struggle” show where he talked about the artiste-features on his album. On the first video, around the 7 seconds mark, he particularly talked about Wizkid. In his words… ‘..Like i respect what Wizkid does..I saw in person..i didn’t understand it but when i saw it..’like.. woh!..’

In the second video, when asked what songs were fans’ favorites from the album listening party, he said “Erm…a lotta people like the Tory Lanez record with (Rick) Ross, a lotta people love the…uhm… American Dream of course (with JCole and Kendrick)…a lotta people love the Wizkid record with Trey Songz…as far as the Jeezy records you know…uhm…this is it..was a crowd ‘Spyder’…” 

Below is the track list of the Pressure album. Wizkid is featured alongside Trey Songz on the 12th track titled “The Life”

jeezy pressure album tracklist




















































































































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